Life sciences such as pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, testing equipment,in-vitro diagnostics, and biotechnology are advancing significantly and becoming increasingly sophisticated.

There is a fusion with the related fields of chemistry, engineering, IT, software, etc. and these fields will only become broader in the future.

Human Science unwaveringly supports the various advances that contribute to the medicine of tomorrow through reliable quality translation related services.

Pharmaceutical and Medical Translation Service

We have secured a large number of highly experienced translation staff in the various practical fields of fundamental research, non-clinical, clinical and therapeutic categories in pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and tools, testing equipment and in-vitro diagnostics, etc. This enables us to support high quality translation throughout the life sciences which are highly demanding of specialties.

->Pharmaceutical and Medical Translation Service

Medical Equipment Localization Service

When it comes to localization into Japanese or translation in multiple languages of user manuals, operating manuals, promotion materials, internal research documents, etc. related to medical equipment, testing equipment, etc., you can rely on Human Science. We offer the complete support for your company's localization needs with the capabilities to handle in fine detail each process of localization and the meticulous care of our academic background.

->Medical Equipment Localization Service

Medical Content and Solutions Service

In addition to the translation-related services described above, Human Science supports all production related services for medical related video content, web sites, e-Learning, etc., and provides a "one stop solution" covering a range of content not simply limited to textual information.

->Medical Content and Solutions Service


We employ a quality assurance system and the latest tools to support delivering the highest quality for each service. Human Science is constantly exploring new fields and methods to provide our clients with the benefits of newer solutions and reduced costs. The starting point of our wide range of and high quality services lies here.


Quality Management

Human Science continually demands the highest quality and implements various practices as a natural part of our quality assurance. Our continuous and unceasingly steady efforts naturally lead to our consistent quality, and has earned us the trust of our clients.

->Quality Management


Human Science is a professional content-producing organization that can handle translation and localization of various media including manual production, video content production, and e-Learning production in all areas of life science focusing on pharmaceuticals and medical equipment and all areas of IT and electronics.

We can faithfully handle any request of any kind of translation (free trials are currently available).

Please feel free to contact us using the following contact details.

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