The distribution of various information via Web has become an essential tool for businesses. Human Science provides a “One Stop Solution” for video related content that does not simply stop at translating textual information but also offers localization of medical related video content, web sites, e-Learning, etc.

Human Science has dedicated staff who can create from scratch a variety of content including videos, web sites, and e-Learning material according to our customer’s needs. Human Science is able to offer this solution thanks to our strong track record in this field over many years.

Medical Related Video Content

Areas handled
Subtitle translation and editing of videos of medical seminars, interviews, debates, lectures
Recording narrations
Producing company introduction videos
Producing product introduction videos


Areas handled
Translating a foreign website into a Japanese language website with the same format
Localization and multilingualization of an entire website or web page
Localization of multimedia clips embedded in help files or on web sites
Translation of HTML files (HTML coding) and translation of web content
Construction of company sites, IR sites, product information sites, intranet sites
Website planning, construction, and design
Production of Flash animations


Areas handled
Localization of foreign e-Learning content
Staff training material (for medical representatives, personal information protection, compliance, security, mental health, etc.)
Medical staff training material (therapeutic safety measures, medical treatments, etc.)


・Central management system for production teams
The project manager centrally manages every process of production including logistics of staff and professional cameramen, casting, onsite shooting using professional equipment, shooting in the studio, logistics of narrators, etc.

・Video/DVD editing
Movie conversion, subtitle editing, authoring, testing, debugging, etc. are all also handled within our company.

・Scenario and picture content creation
Our dedicated scenario writers create scenarios based on the materials and your instructions. This also covers writing new custom picture content.

・Record of achievement over a wide range of productions (approx. 100 productions per year)
We handle a wide range of fields from shooting videos and creating Flash animations to interactive games.

・List of tools
Video editing tools:Adobe Premiere/After Effects/Final Cut Pro
Animation production:Flash/Director/Captivate
Video processing:Illustrator/Photoshop
3D:3ds MAX/LightWave

・LMS/Learning Tool
LMS:Docent/Get-LMS/Xcalat/Internet Naviware/Learning Station Cyber Education/Saba/HIPLUS/e-Training Navigator
Authoring tools:Flash/Captivate/LiveCreator/Homepage Builder/Dreamweaver


Human Science is a professional content-producing organization that can handle translation and localization of various media including manual production, video content production, and e-Learning production in all areas of life science focusing on pharmaceuticals and medical equipment and all areas of IT and electronics.

We can faithfully handle any request of any kind of translation (free trials are currently available).

Please feel free to contact us using the following contact details.

+81 3-5321-3111(International)
+81 3-5321-3112(International)