Translation Quality

Meticulously detailed support

・ We can provide the optimal translators and translation team to suit each field of jobs that you request. We respond to our clients’ requests with the highest translation quality.

・ We retain translators in various fields who have experience working in pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment companies, etc.
→Translators with actual work experience and specialist knowledge are registered after a strict trial
→Quality Management Refer this page for details on quality management of translator level

・ Both improved quality and reduced cost are achieved by utilizing translation tools (Trados, etc.). Refer to “Utilizing the Latest Tools” below.

・ We can precisely support “Japanese rewriting” and “creating thesis abstracts” based on your request, as well as “writing” after planning

Quality Management (A) of translation (B) of translators

Human Science continually demands the highest quality and implements various practices as a natural part of our quality management. Our continuous and unceasingly steady efforts naturally lead to our consistent quality, and has earned us the trust of our clients.

Utilizing the Latest Tools

Human Science utilizes the latest tools and expertise from the field of IT to deliver cutting edge translation, and these are also utilized in medical and pharmaceutical translation, and medical equipment localization.

Style checking tool
Prevents inconsistent terminology and ensures consistent quality by utilizing custom checking tools developed by our in-house development department programming group

Grammar correction and checking tool
Detects easily overlooked errors and omissions and prevents simple mistakes

Automatic detection of frequently used terms
Identifies terms that should be made consistent and removes variations from translations

Translation support software (Trados, etc.)
Tools such as Trados are used to unify the expression of sentences
Reduced costs can be achieved by utilizing existing translation material at the request of the client

Example Utilization
Taking the case of revising protocols, etc., if the old and new versions are compared and revised without using any tools, the work of comparing the versions takes more effort than the work of the translation itself, and as a result leads to increased cost.

Is there any way to reduce the workload and cost while increasing the speed of work?
Human Science has acquired many solutions for a variety of translation work. Please feel free to ask about any topic at all.


The reduction in translation workloads and the translation handling for each client are standardized by utilizing the above translation tools.
→ Please experience the cost reduction effect

Multilanguage Translation

We have a track record of translation in over 30 languages including Europe and Asia through our overseas network. If there are any languages you would like to request, please feel free to ask us.



Asian languages
Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Korean, Thai, Laos, Malay, Vietnamese, Burmese, Tagalog, Indonesian, Turkish

Western European languages
French, Italian, German, Spanish, Iberian Portuguese, Dutch

Eastern European languages
Czech, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Slovenian, Slovakian
Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Belorussian

Northern European languages
Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish

Middle-Eastern languages
Arabian, Hebrew

South American languages
Brazilian Portuguese

Confidentiality Agreements and Security Measures

We will enter into confidentiality agreements at the request of the client when viewing data and reference material even if it is only for requesting a quotation or trial translations. We place physical limitations on the workers who can access data and reference material received from our clients, and each worker is obliged to thoroughly adhere to provisions related to information handling and to provide oaths, etc. Furthermore you can rest assured that we always work hard to prevent security problems and carry out virus checks, etc. on email and data sent from our company. Our company is also able to provide designated answers and reports as directed by the security standards of your company.

Human Science responds faithfully to the various requests of our clients, and has developed various kinds of businesses since its foundation. We handle every job with sincerity, and please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any inquiries.