As various researches evolve rapidly, life sciences fuse with related fields to be more increasingly sophisticated. Even within the field of medical equipment which is one of the core fields, there are growing numbers of products that demand specialist knowledge in the fields of information technology and software in addition to already needed engineering and physics, and this major trend is unlikely to change in the future. Medical equipment which natively provide support at the clinical practices is actually growing into a vast group of products in both diagnosis and treatment. To understand these products, we have to cover various fields of knowledge, not just the single category of “medical equipment”.

At Human Science, even if we only support the localization of a single certain piece of medical equipment, we carry out localization of the user manuals and various other manuals based on precise understanding of the procedures, practices, and therapeutic category in which the product is used. To make sure of precise understanding, we have established a system that can respond with certainty to our clients’ needs by using specialist translation teams for each medical equipment category.

Localization of medical equipment and testing equipment.
The certain solution is Human Science.
Please allow us to provide you with the support that will satisfy you.

Features of Medical Equipment Localization

While it is obviously necessary to have the capacity to support the sequence of operations of translation, review, technical check, and DTP that is performed when localizing medical equipment and testing equipment, it is also necessary to have the capacity to handle user interface localization in the case of medical equipment, etc. that has a monitoring function, or to have the capacity to support localization in case clients have their own manuals, etc. of video or audio media. Human Science is able to provide support for the various processes and media in localization all as a one stop service.

Our ability to respond capably to the demand of our clients through technical capabilities in the above processes, and our translation teams that are established for each medical equipment and testing equipment category and provide highly specialist support has led to us being highly trusted by our clients.

Examples of Supported Materials and Supported Products

We respond meticulously through translation teams established for each medical equipment and testing equipment category and completely support localization of user manuals, operating manuals, promotional materials, and other internal training materials.

・Organization of specialist teams
・Stents, catheters (PTCA balloon, IABP balloon, angiographic, central vein, Foley, and other types and sites) and related products
・Pacemakers, defibrillators (ICD, etc.) and related products
・Ventricular assist devices, prosthetic cardiac valves, artificial lungs, membranes for artificial lungs, and related products
・Artificial kidneys, blood circuits, dialysis membranes, and dialysis related products
・Artificial joints, artificial bones, bone fixtures, and related products
・Intraocular lenses, contact lenses, and related products
・Radiotherapy equipment, laser therapy equipment, ultrasonic therapy equipment, and other therapeutic equipment and related products
・Imaging diagnostic equipment (MRI, CT, PET, SPECT, etc.) and DICOM related products
・Laboratory testing equipment (hematology, biochemistry, immunoserology, endocrinology, etc),and in-vitro diagnostics
・Testing equipment for cardiorespiratory function testing, ultrasound diagnostic testing, electroencephalographic testing, etc.

In addition to the above, we can also respond to your translation needs for a variety of medical equipment such as endoscopes, artificial blood vessels, artificial skin, lithotripsy equipment, cleaning and sterilization equipment for medical facilities, and medical equipment for home use such as glucose meter, BP meter, hearing aids, etc.

Human Science retains staff with experience working at medical equipment companies and staff with an abundance of translation experience. Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

Quality Assurance

Human Science continually demands the highest quality and implements various practices as a natural part of our quality assurance. Our continuous and unceasingly steady efforts naturally lead to our consistent quality, and has earned us the trust of our clients.


Human Science is a professional content-producing organization that can handle translation and localization of various media including manual production, video content production, and e-Learning production in all areas of life science focusing on pharmaceuticals and medical equipment and all areas of IT and electronics.

We can faithfully handle any request of any kind of translation (free trials are currently available).

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