(1) Translation

Confirming requests by interview research upon receiving an order
There is a wide gap between translation for faithful reproduction of the original and free translation in anticipation of a particular readers. We work as hard as possible to follow the requests of our customers and try to make detailed researches by interviewing.

Supporting unification and management of terminologies, and large volume translations
We thoroughly unify and manage the key terminologies for each of our customers.
Even in cases when translation of similar content occurs repeatedly or cases of large volume translations, we can handle precise translations based on previously requested work.

Performing full reviews by reviewers
The final decider of the quality of a translation is the check performed by the reviewer.
Human Science carries out full reviews using reviewers with an abundance of experience and ensures delivery of quality translation that can satisfy our clients’ needs.

(2) Translators

Selecting the most appropriate translators
We select the most suitable translator or build the best translation team for each job.
・We understand in detail the potential and specialist fields of each translator through feedback, etc.
・We have created a system of requesting based on rank

Providing feedback to translators
Feedback is sent to all translators regarding the review reports after completing a job to promote higher quality continually.
・We not only evaluate translators by numerical scores, but provide feedback on specific locations and examples of corrections

Centrally managed system of translators using a database
We carry out centrally management using a database of the records of work performance, evaluation (evaluation from our clients and internal evaluation), feedback, etc. of each translator, and have established a routine system that can meticulously respond to the demands of our clients.

・The ranks of each translator are determined based on database points after feedback
→ This applies to the selection of the most appropriate translator for the next job