Human Science handles a broad range of finely detailed specialist fields across the full spectrum of life sciences. Don’t hesitate to let us take care of fields ranging from pharmaceuticals, medical equipments, testing equipments, in-vitro diagnostics, and analytical equipments to chemistry (including various materials), biology, environment, agrochemicals, veterinary products, and foods, etc.

In areas such as pharmaceutical products and medical equipment, large differences appear in the quality of translation depending not only on specialist academic knowledge of the various products, but also on knowledge of regulations under Japanese Pharmaceutical Law and ministerial ordinances, and experience creating the various kinds of materials that need to be submitted. Thanks to our detailed understanding of the specializations of various devices and the mechanisms in Japanese Pharmaceutical Law relating to “specially controlled medical devices” and “controlled medical devices” as announced by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (which differ from the classifications under GHTF rules), we are able to provide translations that respond reliably to our clients’ needs.

Human Science will continue to be a supporting foundation that will unfalteringly support our clients.

Areas Supported

Within the easily stated field of life sciences there are almost uncountably large numbers of individual specializations. Human Science continues to handle these in a highly specialized manner and supports a broad spectrum of fields across all of the life sciences from pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, testing equipment, in-vitro diagnostics, and analytical equipment to chemistry (including various materials), biology, environment, agrochemicals, veterinary products, and foods, etc.

Examples of Types of Documents Supported

・Protocols, clinical study reports, and materials related to non-clinical and clinical studies.
・GMP-related materials
・PMS-related materials
・Scientific papers
・Promotional materials (aimed at medical specialists/patients), training materials for MRs.
・Annual reports, press releases

Medical Equipment, Testing Equipment, Etc.
・Safety related materials
・GMP-related materials
・Medical equipment specifications, surgical technique guides
・Various testing reports (ISO, ASTM, JIS-related)

For details on translations of user manuals, operating manuals, promotion material, internal training materials, and other large-volume translations,refer to the Medical Equipment Localization Service.

Sales Points

・We support the various types of documents (refer to the above) related to the core business of each of the coordinators at pharmaceutical companies. We also support out clients by considering the expressions that must be used when preparing documents for submission, which has led to us being praised by our clients.
・We have an abundance of experience and expertise over a long period of time responding to the various needs of academic coordinators, development coordinators, GVP coordinators, and research coordinators at various pharmaceutical, equipment, and other manufacturers.
・We have established translation teams who can handle in extreme detail each specialist field and each category of medical equipment in each specialist field.
・We have a broad track record extending into “Japanese rewriting” and “creating abstracts” upon demand. Please refer to the PDF file for details on our recent major achievements.
→Record of Achievements
・We support urgent translations with the best possible response. Please feel free to contact us.
・We have access to many excellent translators, including translators with experience working at manufacturers.
・We can also handle native checks of translations in any requested language.
・Please refer here for details on reducing costs by utilizing the latest tools and other features.

Quality Assurance

Human Science continually demands the highest quality and implements various practices as a natural part of our quality assurance. Our continuous and unceasingly steady efforts naturally lead to our consistent quality, and has earned us the trust of our clients.

Delivery Times

Normal delivery time for English to Japanese translation
Average biomedical academic thesis (assuming 10 pages of A4, 5,000 words)
→ 5 to 6 business days

Normal delivery time for Japanese to English translation
Average biomedical academic thesis (assuming 10 pages of A4, 13,000 characters)
→ 7 to 8 business days


Human Science is a professional content-producing organization that can handle translation and localization of various media including manual production, video content production, and e-Learning production in all areas of life science focusing on pharmaceuticals and medical equipment and all areas of IT and electronics.

We can faithfully handle any request of any kind of translation (free trials are currently available).

Please feel free to contact us using the following contact details.

+81 3-5321-3111(International)
+81 3-5321-3112(International)